Diagnostics are always free!

All work is quoted before we begin, if you choose to not go ahead with the repair, you owe nothing.



hardware UPGRADES

$ 35.00

Power supply replacements, memory upgrades, DVD drive installations, laptop battery replacements 

* Plus Parts


Screen replacement

$ 65.00

Broken or cracked screen replacement. This repair would also include back light issues or lines on the LCD screen. 

* Plus Parts


Data Transfer

$ 45.00

Computer or laptop won't boot, not worth the repair to fix it? We can transfer your data to a flash drive or hard drive. If you already have a drive you can provide this, or we can sell you one.

* Plus Parts


Hard Drive

$ 85.00

Hard Drive upgrade or replacement. Includes the operating system reinstall, as well as all applicable drivers, windows updates. Does not include non OS software. 

* Plus Parts


Laptop parts

$ 85.00

Removal of failing parts and replacement with OEM equipment. Most parts for this repair are used or refurbished to help keep costs down.  

*Plus Parts


Laptop System Boards

$ 125.00

Removal of laptop system board, CPU, Memory, and complete tear down and reassembly of the unit. All boards and components tested for quality assurance.

* Plus Parts


Spyware / Virus Removal

$ 85.00

Removal of spyware, malware, viruses, or rootkits. This service includes free anti-virus software that will help keep the machine free of future issues. 

* flat rate


Cleanup & Optimization

$ 85.00

Startup optimization, application clean up,removal of unneeded or unwanted programs and files that may be slowing the system down.

     * Flat rate

All pricing for repair services are based on in-store drop off of equipment.