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We are open M-F 8:00 am 6:00 pm CST.
After hour business support is available.

CSI Remote Control

Simple & Affordable Hosting

Local Email & Website Hosting

Its nothing to fancy but it gets the job done. CSI has onsite redundant Lenovo Servers powered by VMWare providing 99% uptime for a low monthly fee. Its classic hosting built on IIS technologies and backed by CSI support professionals. Security is maintained via our hardware firewall's with redundant internet connections.

Public Cloud Email & Website Hosting

Do you want 99.999% uptime capabilities? Do you need to be able to grow your site at a moments notice? Not sure about how or where to start? Cloud hosting may be what your looking for. Give us a call and we can show you how cloud hosting can provide the solutions you want at the budget point you need! Flexible pay as you go pricing helps ensure you only pay for what you use.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Though not often required we do offer rack space to host your dedicated server. We provide the backbone and if you need it the service to maintain the server and its software platform.

Spam Filtering

CSI offers Front end spam filtering and virus blocking service for your existing email server. You don't even have to be hosted on our servers to utilize this feature. We keep up with what works and what doesn't. We have created an infrastructure specifically for spam filtering. We have backup servers in multiple locations ready to store your email should your servers go offline for any reason. You can take your server down knowing that when it comes back up all pending email will be stored and waiting. We make your anti-spam problem go away. It doesn't cost it save!

  • No hardware to buy and maintain
  • We don't need to know your email accounts to set up new users.
  • Activation is a simple MX record change
  • Our accuracy and speed of processing is unmatched
  • You turn it on and it just works
Website Design

CSI has designed hundreds of websites over the years. We designed and built this website as well. We have a creative task force that can be put to use to help improve your overall companies appearance and web presence. We do not design sites using CMS applications like Drupal, Joomla, or Wordpress. We prefer the classic methods of HTML and CSS. This helps ensure each site is unique and based on the customers needs, not the designers wishes.